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Right now all I care about it Bleach anyway. I love Ichigo the most!!!   Since Rukia returned Bleach has made me happy.  That being said- I AM  going to watch Macross and  then I am going to write about the AruSherri Fail  and how your win proves that RANKA WON THE SERIES. Because AruSherrie had to become a Pseudo-AruRan paring for the win

but not now...because I am in no particular hurry to lose the contents of my stomach!!!

I am saving it for a day I am feeling particularly masochistic

So you can comment but I am not going to read it until I am in the mood for you. Right now I am not in the mood for you!!! 

 Disclaimer: You can call me childish but I don't give a damn. BECAUSE IT FEELS GOOD 
If you don't like anti shipping TOO DAMN BAD..I do

Because I have been warring with butthurt IchiHime fans (because THE TRUTH HURTS)  who placed themselves into my war with Wandering-Hearbeat aka The White Sun over these signatures. at DA..

They have been really trying to crucify me over the  Hime(there is no Ichi in there) Fail-Cling in what I like to call FAILVERSE Movie.vs Fade To Black's loving ebrace  and Kubo's blantant fanboying of one, and
him trying to distance himself from the other (THAT'S GOLD!!!)


Kubo's quotes for FAILVERSE Movie  came from the IR FC @ BA

Kubo waxing on about Fade To Black (An IchiRuki Love Story) comes from
Bleachness...http://bleachness.livejournal.com/457425.html(thanks to
:iconloona-cry: for finding this link for me)
It would  give me great pleasure to rub  Kubo's rumrored interveiw on the Master Collection for Failverse DVD

A watcher / friend of mine over at DA said that Master Collection for Failverse DVD--has an interveiw of Kubo blantanly fanboying IchiRuki and basically saying he had a preference for them.  This user is Japanese on his mother side. He said he could give me a translation in few days but I really want to know if this true. Anyone else heard that?

I need to know if this is true because I AM SOOOOOOO GONNA SIG THAT and laugh my mofo ass of right in my rivals faces just like I did these


 Sadly the actor who played Sparticus lost his battle to non-Hodgkin Lymphoma  yesterday.

My prayers go out to his family . He can never be replaced and I am done with the series because it's too heartbraking to watch
 read it about it here
First of all I rarely check my live journal. Second of all...WESTLO YOU POSTED IN A PUBLIC FORUM....and you bring me up in arguments I have nothing to do with so turnabout is fair play. OH love the "have some dignity" remark. Should I follow your example...You bring me up everywhere and invaded the Alto and Ranka fan club over at Suki. You sir are hypocrite...and I won't blast you for posting your opinion..but I am going to tear your ass out the frame for your remarks. It's not WHAT you say it's HOW you say it that counts with me....

Second of all as soon as I get a barf bag big enough and subbed translation of the second movie. I am going to show you just how  FAIL your ship is, because it HAD TO BECOME A PSUEDO Alto and Ranka Pairing in order to give Sheryl the win/ That and the ass pull first meeting so first girl wins. Because the "FIRST GIRL" was RANKA in the TV series

Ranka won the TV series, Alto confessed but you guys wouldn't acknowledge it.  Then your FAIL SHIP...HAD TO BE REWRITTEN WITH ALTO AND RANKA'S DYNAMIC....For that I am laughing my ass off even if I am bitter that the force of her fanbase gave her Alto, and not because He was hers all along

BUT  RIGHT NOW THAT'S ON HOLD BECAUSE I CARE ABOUT BLEACH MORE THAN ANYTHING. WILL GET BACK TO YOU --Trust me. She who laughs last laughs hardest and once I get that second movie I am going to have a fucking belly roll.

Link to Episode 7

I so want to smex Derek up! 

So who do you think is the Alpha ?
Yeah I am crazy about this series ...so that means I am gonna share it with you guys that ...I dunno don't get MTV in your country. It's in English, avi format  each files are at least 350 mb (because I included everything that came with the file from Newzbin)
If Megaupload hates you and you can't download from it, just tell me and I will upload somewhere else . These are in English but they also have French, Italiain, Dutch and German subs. If you want me to get subs for one of those langauges ...just say so. I am already looking for Spanish subs...gonna upload that without being asked because I have a lot of friends on the net that speak Spanish..if for some reason they're not Chinese/Asian-Oriental from Australia or Pinoy

Episode 2-http://www.megaupload.com/?d=CSRPPM5Y
Episode 3-http://www.megaupload.com/?d=5BYW8SWU
Episode 4-http://www.megaupload.com/?d=HIP1JDHR
Episode 5---my stupid boyfriend downloaded the German Subs...I have to get the ones with no subs-http://www.megaupload.com/?d=6IOQZ1I6
Episode 6-http://www.megaupload.com/?d=1P74D8YJ

I want to be Derek's Waifu >><<
(Taken from Wiki)
 * The series is based around social outcast Scott McCall, a young lacrosse-playing outsider at the fictional learning institution, Beacon Hills High School, in the fictional town of Beacon Hills in Northern California. Residing in a normal suburban community, one night, Scott hears about a severed dead body in the woods and sets out in search, but ends up escaping a werewolf attack with a bite in his side. Gradually, he begins to notice supernatural changes within himself such as shape shifting, physical prowess and heightened senses which enhances his performance in lacrosse and keeps him from being a regular bench-sitter. Upon discovery that he is a werewolf, with help from his soothing love for his new girlfriend Allison Argent, his best friend Stiles Stilinski and new mentor werewolf in town, Derek Hale, he is forced to learn to balance his newfound identity, among the many dangers that it presents, with his teenage life. The theme of finding your place is a prevalent undertone in the series that is mirrored by the pack mentality of werewolves.

Main Cast
    * Tyler Posey as Scott McCall, a 17-year-old asthmatic lacrosse-playing high school outcast at Beacon Hills High School and the series' main protagonist. After being bitten by a werewolf, he gains extraordinary supernatural abilities that aide his normal life, but he struggles to hide his unwanted new life as a werewolf from his peers, including his new girlfriend and his mom, as he tries to balance both lives and protect his close ones.
    * Crystal Reed as Allison Argent, the new girl in town and Scott's love interest. She's clueless of Scott's life as a werewolf and her family's werewolf hunter life, which strains her relationship with her father, but is agile and has a natural talent for archery.
    * Tyler Hoechlin as Derek Hale, a werewolf and the sole survivor of the Hale Family who were victims of a fire. He came to town in search of his sister, Laura. Aware that Scott is also a werewolf, he looks after him and tries to teach Scott how to master and control some of his abilities such as his transformation, or "shifting", while also having a periodic rivalry with him.
    * Dylan O'Brien as Stiles Stilinski, Scott's nerdy yet genuine best friend, and the only character in the series -other than Derek- who knows that Scott is a werewolf, so he helps keep his friend calm and collected. He is sarcastic, funny, outspoken, inquisitive, and finds a lot of information research that can possibly help Scott and him through the lycanthropy. It is stated in episode five that he is named after his maternal grandfather, but his first name has not yet been revealed.
    * Holland Roden as Lydia Martin, Jackson's shallow but extremely intelligent girlfriend, who immediately befriends Allison. Lydia is a popular, "mean girl" type personality who gets what she wants by manipulating people around her.
    * Colton Haynes as Jackson Whittemore, the captain of the lacrosse team who is suspicious about Scott's recent displays of physical prowess and vows to find out what his secret is no matter how long it takes. Jackson is adopted. He is also in a sexual relationship with Lydia.

Differences and similarities from films
*The similarities between the 1985 film and MTV's version are less pronounced; however, if you look for the similarities they are there in one way or another. The protagonist in both the series and the original film is a typical awkward team sports playing teenager named Scott dealing with high school and life as a werewolf. In both versions, Scott is joined by a sidekick friend named Stiles. Both Scotts reap the benefits of werewolf stardom, achieving confidence and acceptance from his peers with his newly discovered powers.[9] Also what the series takes from the movie that spawned it, it’s that people know the basic idea of what a werewolf is.[

*The differences are noticeable, and while some think that MTV's version is a drama it is more of a drama/comedy with a darker tone while the 85' film was a comedy. The humor in the new series is a darker humor but it's a part of the shows character and pays tribute to the original feel of the movies.[citation needed] In promos before airing, the producers said they were influenced by Joss Whedon's high school drama series Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Whedon's central premise was: "High school as a horror movie. And so the metaphor became the central concept behind Buffy, and that's how I sold it." In this series, Scott plays lacrosse instead of basketball. In the original, Scott inherits the werewolf trait from his father, who hid his lycanthropy from his son in the hopes that it would skip a generation, while the Scott on MTV's show gets bitten by a werewolf in the woods. The new Stiles wears T-shirts featuring the Beatles and the Royal Air Force roundel symbol, while the original Stiles favored shirts that included highly-offensive phrases.[9]
Since Sheryl "won" the triangle in the Macross Second Movie...I had to endure a few AruSherri Shipper's ridicule and twisting the knife--which I am not even mad at em, because if I were them I would have done the same thing.

While I admit that I am actually bitter over that win, that  seeing Alto and Sheryl hurts me really bad (instead of making me want to vomit before) , and I really wish it was my ship instead-- I will say that I am tickled by the fact that all the AruSherri fans declared that a Ranka win in the movies, does not make it a canon win for the series-- are now shouting "CANONZ!!!!" Because it was their win instead of AruRan's win...So I have to say...

Congratulations AruSherri your ship was such FAIL...Kawamori had to---

  1. Give Sheryl Aimo, which was a song that is shared between fated lovers

  2. Alto's reasons for joining SMS had to be changed from "I joined SMS because I wanted to protect Ranka" to "I joined SMS because I wanted to protect EVERYONE"
  3. In order to subvert the "First Girl Wins TropeYou know the ASSPULL memory that won it for her--That Kawamori is fond of using, in his triangle. He managed to subvert it by giving Alto and Sheryl a past history in Galaxy (Something they did not have in  the series)--something that he said in an Interview with in Animedia." One he decided to make Sheryl and Alto meet in the past, so their first impression were extremely lasting". Because Alto saw Sheryl first, but he actually spoke to  Ranka first just like Hikaru saw Minmei first but argued with Misa before his first conversation with Minmei --
  4. Cut Ranka's moments with Alto down to nothing in the first movie. Alto only rescues Ranka once in  False Songstress Movie--because Sheryl became   The "Designated DID", so Alto was saving her ass the most, instead of saving Ranka (Unlike the series, in which Alto was in angst over protecting Ranka and it Ranka that Alto was the most passionate about rescuing in MF TV)

  5. Give AruSherri  the scenes that originally belonged to AruRan -i.e. giving Sheryl  Alto's  original rescue scene with Ranka.,
  6. OR--Make Her "Share" AruRan's Moments so they were no longer Alto and Ranka's moments -i.e The First Time Ranka sang Aimo, the moment in which Alto decided that he wanted to protect Ranka and joined SMS for her

  7. Gave her  a personality transplant and made her more moe like Ranka and even needier, and weaker than before, so she wasn't as emasculating, in the movies.  This way Alto actually looked like a man, instead of her bitch--unlike the series

  8. Made so that Alto actually thought about Sheryl, worried about her, was in angst over Sheryl,when she could pass out in front of him in MF TV and he never thought or bothered to ask why, because he was too preoccupied with Ranka. Ranka fainted once in MF, and he went straight to the hospital
  9. Made it so that Alto actually cared to learn about Sheryl in the movie, when all he did was seek information about Ranka in the series
  10. Gave Ranka, Minmei's and Sheryl's original rejection scene

  11. All while in an alternate setting because, obviously because it's the only way  SHERYL COULD WIN
  12. Because like Sheryl/AruSherri fans delight in pointing out to AruRan/Ranka Fans when telling us how much of a failed character Ranka is--. Sheryl is the most popular, She is the biggest money maker, AruSherri is much more popular and Brera and Ranka is loved by the people who spend the most money

  • Which actually proves that Ranka won the TV series --Because Sheryl with her horde of fans, didn't win and we got a triangle ending because of the refusal to accept Alto's confession of love to Klan. And while he didn't come right out and say "I love Ranka"  Sheryl confirmed in and as so many IchiRuki fans (that actually make up a LARGE chunk of the AruSherri Fanbase) Like to say when speaking about IchiRuki---"The Japanese go by what is "Unsaid" and "Actions and Looks"--and going by the changes..what was unsaid say SHERYL IS A LOSER in Frontier TV--so Kawamori had to CHANGE EVERYTHING
So as far as I am concerned it's 1-1. Ranka won the TV Series and Sheryl won the movie that's an alternate reality because she's a cash cow for the franchise.

I will admit--yeah I am butt-hurt so don't bother saying it, because I know I am...but I am also feeling a perverse pleasure that such a needy, pathetic,
and one-dimensional, character,   HAD TO BE GIVEN a great guy like Alto because people preferred her character design and failed to recognize how great Ranka's character was. So a failship that was fanon, became sorta Canon. While the Canon ship had to be made into fanon, in order for  pathetic, insecure, and needy character can  win because she's a cash cow--because she wasn't going to win otherwise

you know what is ironic--IchiRuki shippers bash Orihime because she's too dependent on Ichigo and not more independent than Rukia. Yet those same shippers will say that "Sheryl needs Alto" "Sheryl can't live without Alto so I am happy with the SNT Movie ending" (that's verbatim from a user at AnimeSuki) --how fucking nauseating is that?  Which proves that they are all hypocrites. Something I can say, because way too many Orihime/IchiHime fans told me that unlike all the other IchiRuki shippers, my bashing her character or reasons why I disliked the ship WAS NOT mindless bashing because of "DIE FOR OUR SHIP"  and I had completely justified my pov even if they disagreed with it


Thank you and good night!

since I am spending a few days with mother, because she needs me right now...(she's very ill) I got bored and I decided to respond to a post at Manga Fox from I link I got from Vince

It came about because the user insisted that Ichigo's anger on Orihime's behalf is exclusive to Orihime alone and that's not true at all. While I was at it, I tackled the whole "Pride" debate from 436 and I revisited the Ichigo Vs Ulquiorra fight
Because my posts are loonnnnnnnnnggg and image-heavy, I had to break it into three posts, since I kept going over the character, and Image limit

FEEDBACK Iis  Appreciated

I wonder if you realized you kind of shot yourself in the foot a bit with your claims--


Quote Originally Posted by  an IchiHime shipper

not saying rukia's not important, ichigo was just angrier with what ulquiorra did by kidnapping orihime and strategically made her seem like a traitor to SS. regardless of some saying that ichigo doubting her or more like wondered how she got to heal him in his room. if he ever confronted her about this then new feelings might arise...

I only posted this here, in case the thread got closed or posts deleted. I have no time to mess with the alignment. I think you should just follow the links

Link to Original Post

Link to post two (original post)
Link to post three (original post)
Um ...Yeah..he pretty much does that every time someone is being hurt in front of him.

  • He acted that same way when he saw Chad with Ginjo and he wasn't even being attacked [Link] [Link] yet Ichigo was just as angry

  • He got mad when Ichimaru attacked Jidanbou and cut of his arm and reacted the same way he did when Ulquiorra "taunted him with Orihime" -->

  • He's done that for Rukia when GJ attacked her-->

  • He's done that for Nel on more than one occasion. He got just that mad when Noi played "kick the baby" with Nel. He even lunged at him the same way he did in you examples for Orihime -->

    he even put Nel's safety ahead of his...and if Nel hadn't been a Chibi most of the time, you can bet your sweet a-- that we IR & IH shippers would have to ban together and fight the IchiNel ship

  • Hell he even went ballistic when Noi attacked GJ-->

May I ask you a question? Do you think Ichigo is some kind of douche ,that would see a person harmed in front of him and not care?. Do you think that Ichigo wouldn't get mad and try to avenge or protect anyone who is not Orihime? Because it seems like it...The reality is, your examples of Ichigo's anger on Orihime's be half isn't anything he hasn't done for other characters.

He stated outright that he cannot stand by and watch a person be harmed and not do anything

"What are you talking about..How can I not save someone that's front of me"


So those examples do not mark her as special. This is why I said you "shot yourself in the foot" instead of the IchiRuki shippers you were aiming at

because all you did was cite evidence that proves Ichigo pretty-much treats Orihime the same way he does everyone else. It's something that's consistent with his character, Ichigo says fights to protect those in need of protecting. Not because he cares about Orihime more than anyone else.

It's also the reason why Chad said "Telling him Tsukishima attacked Inoue would hurt his performance" [Link]

Which is something that IH camp did flips over, yet it seems like they all forgot what Chad said to Ichigo when he first started Fullbring training.--"it's painful not to be able to protect the PEOPLE around you" (that's plural, meaning that it's not just Orihime alone that he's worried about protecting)

[Link] [Link]

If you really want to see "how" each girl effects him...If you want to see "what" the effect each girl has on Ichigo. I would suggest you compare Ichigo's reaction to Orihime getting the sh!t kicked out of her, versus Rukia getting gutted like a fish by GJ

He was really upset that he failed to protect Orihime, Chad, & Tatsuki,(it wasn't Orihime alone) he was so upset that he retreated into a shell and refused to fight as Shinigami. He tried to apologize to Orihime but she wouldn't let. When Rukia got hurt by GJ, he reacted much the same as he did with Orihime. He tried so hard to apologize to Rukia just like Orihime, Rukia wouldn't let him

His actions after that, speak volumes..

Sure he was upset but it wasn't enough to make him face his hollow. Like Rukia said (she's one hell of motivation speaker, isn't she?) [Link]. [Link] [Link] [Link]

Yet when it came to Rukia-- the second she went down the mofo was like " Shyte is real!!! I'm gonna get control of this hollow" [Link] [link]

If Rukia means the same to Ichigo as any other Nakama. Then it shouldn't take her getting hurt as motivation for Ichigo to get the resolve to overcome his hollow. After watching three friends nearly die in front of him, you'd think that would be enough to make him want to face his hollow. Only it wasn't enough...Rukia had to go down first. Just like the "Big Turn Around" Orihime's rescue was the most important to him-UNTIL Rukia so called death. . Because Ichigo wasn't willing to take the chance and believe in her, like he did when Chad went down..

That's another thing--there are somethings that Ichigo has only done for Rukia and never for Orihime --But I have to put it my next post because I will be over the limit if I type it all

" A time when I felt pride as a Shinigami...

BUT there's way too many... "

You know the one thing I can't figure out, why detractors insist --

  1. That Ichigo was feelings of "Pride " during Fullbring Training

  2. Insist that Rukia represents his Shinigami powers and that's why he thought of her fading not because the separation is painful

  3. Oh why he must love Orihime more because he thought about her two times compared to Rukia getting a whole page with Ichigo

Think of all the times you felt pride as a Shinigami...

Something Ichigo tried to do--and it didn't work for him--again...he said "THERE'S WAY TOO MANY"

Meaning he couldn't choose, which brings me back to what Chad said

"Remember Ichigo--The badge will surely respond to YOUR HEART"

They say "Pride" because of what Chad said worked for him. it was his LOVE for his grandfather. It was his love for his grandfather, that made him proud. If he had not loved his grandfather, than his skin which is proof of his heritage, wouldn't have made him proud. Especially in a world when Black/Brown people (same difference) are the victims of heavy racism and bigotry . It is because of that love for his grandfather, he didn't let anything anyone said, demean him based on his skin color

It's like Riruka said...

"Fullbring is an ability of LOVE you know..."

"It's an ability that let's you extract the things you've come to love, to their maximum potential "

His heart--the badge will respond to his heart. The things he's come to love . Would be remiss in saying that it looked as if Kubo was telling us, that Kubo was showing us that Ichigo used the "powah of lurve" for Rukia to activate his fullbring?

Because it's clear that he couldn't choose between all the times he felt pride as a Shinigami. Then he thinks of Rukia and the pain of their separation acted as a catalyst for his Fullbring. Because IH shippers have it backwards. Rukia isn't shown because she represents his Shinigami powers. She's shown because Ichigo's Shinigami powers represents his relationship with her. If he's a Shinigami, than he can continue seeing her, talking to her, fighting together--because without his Shinigami powers. They can't have a true relationship because she's dead, and spirit and he's alive and has no spiritual awareness. The nature of their bond may be debatable, that they have one cannot be denied. For anyone to insist that the pain of separation from Rukia showing on Ichigo's face, has what I believe is "selective amnesia"

Because Ichigo already admitted in "Blank" that it hurt because Rukia left him

"Now that it's like this I feel it painfully.."

Everyone's memory of her existence in this world.. has vanished without a trace"

"In Rukia's seat is what's his face...Tetsuo"

"Uryuu's absent today. I thought at least he would be able to remember "

He literally said it hurt, because she was no longer by his side. He looked for anyone who could remember her. He's deeply mourning her loss. He's not saying he's hurt because he's powerless, he's saying that he's hurting because she's gone .

You know...I cried while looking at these chapters. I admit I was a shipper at hello but THIS made me believe in IchiRuki with all my heart. I love Ichigo, and I love the way he loves Rukia..it broke my heart

So I have to ask, why do you believe that this time is any different? Why do you think Kubo had Ichigo recollect the last moment he saw her, instead of the first moment he met her? If it Rukia was merely a representation of his Shinigami powers, shouldn't Kubo have shown this?

If Kubo truly intended on us seeing Rukia as the the representative of his powers and not a love interest then why not show that instead? Because Ichigo has said

"It is because of Rukia, I can be here now...fighting to save everyone"

Because of that, Kubo could have easily slipped in the a panel that had Ichigo getting his powers from Rukia and been totally justified. Instead he chooses to have Ichigo activate his Fullbring with an anguished look and memory of Rukia fading out of sight. He shows Ichigo pained over her loss, when he previously admitted that separation from Rukia hurt like hell, with a little heart on his shirt, in a chapter that no only has a character telling him, it's an ability of love, and you can use the power of love to Fullbring--in a chapter that was released on Valentines Day. How's that for subtlety...

While I am at it.. The image of Rukia leaving leaving him always stays in Ichigo's mind. In Broken Coda. Ichigo had several flashbacks of Rukia walking out of his life--six or seven to be honest. But because of image limit I am only posting three of them

Because of these pages from Rukia's rescue arc, I have to wonder how anyone can still insist that Ichigo wasn't pained by her loss..How Ichigo thought of her because she represents his Shinigami power and it's not because of deeper feelings--when Kubo has shown us that Ichigo cannot the image of Rukia leaving him out of his mind. When Ichigo himself has admitted that he is aches, when she is not by his side. Something I have never see him do for Orihime. Sure I saw him refuse to accept her death.{link} Sure I have seen him get mad in her stead when she was kidnapped.{link} I have see him look a little emo over her being kidnapped. {link} but that's about it--He's wasn't as emotional when Rescuing Orihime. He didn't say anything like "I am gonna save you OriHime--no matter what " like he did with Rukia . I have never seen Ichigo display any deep emotions for Orihime, other than anger on her behalf. (Which is something he does for a lot of characters, not just Orihime alone)

character limit is forcing me to stop here----


While perusing the thread, I noticed that some users posted this page in support of your argument

Believe it or not--I agree with you. I don't believe that it was a "genderless" voice as some have claimed and Ichigo heard Orihime crying and reacted to it. Hell I even believe that Ichigo purposely bounced Orihime into Ishida, the same way he threw Rukia to Renji<<<>>><<<>>>

It just seems no one remembers what Orihime said, was the actual cause for his transformation. (Other than that big ass hole Ulquiorra put in his chest)

"It's my fault, because I said that *Flashback to HELP ME Kurosaki*"

It is because she said the words "HELP ME". Not because he loves her or likes her more than anyone, simply because she yelled "HELP ME". Meaning anyone could have said those words and his reaction would have been the same. because--

"I want to protect a mountain of people"

That's not singular, it's PLURAL because Orihime isn't the only person Ichigo desires to protect

It is not just because it was Orihime and it's a sign of true lurve.

No..It is because he heard her crying, he heard her sobs and cries for help. She was crying. If you think about it, you will see that the times Orihime affected Ichigo the most are the times she became a river of tears

It's the same with Nel. Ichigo wanted to leave her, to keep her safe, but she cried so much that he relented and and said

"Damn it!! Alright come on"

Same thing with Matsu--he's a lot calmer after Final Getsuga Training yet you can still see that Matsu's tears affected him

..Kubo has shown that Ichigo can't stand to see a person cry-

"Actually you cried so bitterly, I wanted to soothe you"

It would be diffrent Ichigo was only moved by Orihime's tears and no one else. Then I would agree all these examples of her blubbering means that IchiHime is on the way to becoming canon . Only it's not just Orihime's tears that move him..

That is why I don't believe that this vow to "Protect Orihime" should be counted as proof of an IchiHime paring
"To Protect" is the main theme of Bleach. The word "protect" is in Ichigo's name. It's his job description he "protects the balance" He lives to protect his friends, family and anyone else who needs help. It just Orihime one of the "protected" but it doesn't mean it's a sign-o-love, because she's not the only one. That's why you shouldn't think IchiBeast transformaiton meant lurve. As a matter of fact, he had no recollection of it.{Link} {Link} If this transformation is supposed to be a sign that IchiHime is on it's way to canon. Shouldn't he at least, be able to remember it? . If you have no memory of it, it doesn't count much. In fact that rescue is the only one that's missing from this page<<<>>> Because he didn't feel any pride when fighting Ulquiorra to save her .

Seriously..He said "I'm fighting because I have to win!!" when Ulquiorra asked why he fought so hard to save her. Then he gurgled "Save you...Save you..." when IchiBeast came out

On the flip side of that. He said " I won't let you, I came to make sure you that will never happen. The power in my hands was gained for her sake" when Byakuya asked him why he fought so hard for Rukia

I can't understand how a person can think that Rukia is NOT in the lead given all of this--

Notice that Rukia's face is not included in the inset with all the other times Ichigo felt pride, although it's clear that Ichigo is remembering the time he's saved her. It's like Kubo didn't want Rukia to be lumped in with Ichigo's family and friends. Not they aren't important but he doesn't feel the same about them, like he feels for Rukia

Instead we Ichigo's bright smiling face as he looks at Rukia..Then we get the image of Rukia fading, and Ichigo looking anguished.

  • I have never ever seen Ichigo confide in Orihime land expresses his deepest desired like he did with Rukia, in the Memories in the Rain chapters (link} {Link}

  • I have seen him not being able to confide in her {link}

  • I have never ever seen Ichigo mourn Orihime when she was taken from his side--I have seen Tatsuki mourn {link} {link} {link}{link} {link} {link} ( Don't you think that Ichigo should have been the one who was hurting the most, if IchiHime is meant to be?)

  • I haven't ever seen him think of her past, those moments of "Pride" that he felt as a Shinigami during Fullbring Training {Link}

  • I have never seen him wax on to anyone about how Orihime changed his fate and destiny. like he did with Rukia {link} {Link}

  • I have never ever seen him say over and over that Orihime is responsible for curing his depression(link)

  • I have never seen him say how something Orihime said, made him feel at ease (Like he did with Rukia) {Link} {Link}

  • I have never ever seen Orihime have such a profound effect on Ichigo {Link} {Link}

  • I have see her hurt him before, because she doesn't know him well enough to know she just made him feel bad {link} {link}since "he's out of the loop" (She can empathize at times with Ichigo but she doesn't really know him like that)

  • I have never even seen him run off half-cocked and in panic because Rukia might be missing {link} {Link}

In short, I've seen Ichigo behave differently when it came to Rukia, and doing certain things when it comes to her, that he has never done for any other character in the Manga. I have never seen him do things for Orihime that he hasn't done for anyone else.

This is a post from a website debate. I wanted to write this for a long time--in fact I will go into depth

, this is just a little something I wrote in response to an IchiHime shipper @ mangagfox the original post is here  but I had to edit it. So read it here on my lj


First I wanna say for me it's UlquiHime or GTFO! No other Hime ship is acceptable in my opinion...and I will tell why but first I have to comment because it seems to me that Stainlessnight (and a few other shippers ) does not know Ichigo's character that well. See I am an IchiRuki shipper but only because I love Ichigo. I love who he loves and it makes no difference whom he picks if he truly loves them. I examine both ships equally and it's because I love Ichigo I believe I notice things that you IH& IR shippers don't.

UlquHime is different ...I ship them for diffrent reasons than I do IchIRuki.

Originally Posted by Stainlessnight View Post
She knows and understands Ichigo extremely well,
No she doesn't.Orihime is good at empathizing and she is perceptive in some ways but she doesn't know him well enough...even when she tries to encourage him or lean on him all she does is make him feel worse--

Because If she did know him well , she would have known that his hurt him to his heart because he's powerless...Orihime makes Ichigo feel inadequate
Because believe it or not...her love for him is not only bad for her self-esteem, it's also detrimental to his

this the second time

The first time she wouldn't let him apologize and he needed to do so.
Rukia understood him, when Orihime didn't and that is why she force fed him that apology
. She didn't do it for Orihime, nor did she do it because she ships IchiHime. She did it for Ichigo because he needs protect"
Something that Chad can see, Rukia can see, but Orihime cannot see because she doesn't know him
She may have seen sides of him, but she still doesn't know how to make him "happy" (that's something only Rukia can do)

Originally Posted by Stainlessnight View Post
he knew exactly how to cheer him up in order to save Rukia and for him to turn the tides against Grimmjow,
That's not true. She didn't know how to cheer him up. this is just further proof that you don't know Ichigo's character
The thing that effected him was her tears
  1. Ichigo to Jidanbou after he cut his arm off: "Actually I just wanted to soothe you because you cried so bitterly "
  2. Ichigo to Ishida: I don't want to see another sad face
  3. That is why he couldn't leave chibi Nel behind although it was dangerous, because she was bawling her eyes out

Same thing with Matsu.
Ichigo was affected by her tears over Gin--Kubo put emphasis on this time and time again. It's not because of understanding or anything...In HM...It was the sound of Orihime's crying that gave him the will to fight, when he was fighting against Ulquiorra. Ichigo had the will to fight GJ because she cried. Not because he just wubs his number two fan (I am number 1) not because she was waving pom-poms. It's because SHE CRIED
She could have been anyone who cried. and his reaction would be much the same..the proof of this is. Orihime isn't the only character whose tears affected Ichigo (image limit keeps me from showing all the characters whose tears affected Ichigo

Originally Posted by Stainlessnight View Post
They have, Orihime cheering Ichigo to save Rukia off for one.
For the record, Ichigo was going to save Rukia anyway . He'd already made the decision to go.. that decision to go had nothing to do with Orihime, but he was conflicted. He wondered if he was doing the right thing, or was he just being selfish. (he wanted to save her badly..REALLY BADLY)

It's when Orihime said the word "dead" he realized that none of that mattered if Rukia was DEAD. . He'd save her first then worry about if it was the right thing to do

However he may have been talking to Orihime but that was actually IchiRuki's moment not IchiHime

Originally Posted by Stainlessnight View Post
Also, really? That's fascinating, I could clearly remember that Orihime was afraid of Ichigo's mask because it reminded her of her brothers.
Yes she was. Because she doesn't know Ichigo well enough to know that he'd never hurt her no matter what.(

Yet she never feared Ulquiorra. and knew he wouldn't hurt her. Doesn't that mean she knows Ulquiorra better? Doesn't that imply that she trusted Ulquiorra more than she does Ichigo? Or just that she doesn't really know Ichigo as well as IchiHime fans claim she does?

Originally Posted by Stainlessnight View Post
Mutual understanding/feelings is what your searching for, and Ichigo and Orihime have shared that together.
That has never ever ever happened--er can you show me or tell me why you think it has? Anybody? Anybody? Because there is more that says they don't have a mutual understanding. That's Ichigo and Rukia you're thinking of...

Originally Posted by Stainlessnight View Post
They're cute, comedic moments on Orihime's part, nothing more nothing less. xD >3<
exactly! All on her part--nothing more nothing less.
It's just fantasies and that's why Kubo showed you the "reality" something Orihime rejects in favor of fantasies . XD (because the truth breaks her down ie.."UGLY & TRIFILE"


Their "love" is all in her head--because it's one-sided



*Title: Macross F Music Clip Collection Nyan Cli/Macross Frontier Music Clip-Shū Nyan Kuri

Publisher Product Code: VTBL-15

YesAsia Catalog No.:1023099610

*Episodes: 1

*Type [Music clip collection]

* Aired: Tokyo's Cinema-November 26, November 27, December 3, and December 4.

*Release Date (DVD/BLURAY): December 15, 2010

* Size: 1.3 GB

*Duration: 38:32M

*Format: ---MP4/AVI

*Language: Japanese. NO ENGLISH SUBTITLES (Raw Video)

*Status: Officially Licensed by YesAsia.com

Copyright © 1998-2011 YESASIA.COM LTD. All rights reserved.

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Genres: action, comedy, drama, romance, science fiction

Themes: mecha, military, music, real robot

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  • Macross Frontier TV

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*Official website
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*Description: Music clip collection release from anime series “Macross Frontier” featuring eight music clips and popular scenes from TV series and theatrical features.

Also includes newly-created footage such as interview with Ranka and Sheryl and TV spot starring Ranka plus choreography footage starring 3D character version of Megumi Nakajima & May’n.

* Song List:
  1. Don’t be Late

  2. Diamond Crevasse

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  6. Anata no Oto

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  8. What ’bout my Star @ Formo

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  11. Bird Human preview (Aimo Tori no Hito) included in the movie

  12. (and others)




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