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Since Sheryl "won" the triangle in the Macross Second Movie...I had to endure a few AruSherri Shipper's ridicule and twisting the knife--which I am not even mad at em, because if I were them I would have done the same thing.

While I admit that I am actually bitter over that win, that  seeing Alto and Sheryl hurts me really bad (instead of making me want to vomit before) , and I really wish it was my ship instead-- I will say that I am tickled by the fact that all the AruSherri fans declared that a Ranka win in the movies, does not make it a canon win for the series-- are now shouting "CANONZ!!!!" Because it was their win instead of AruRan's win...So I have to say...

Congratulations AruSherri your ship was such FAIL...Kawamori had to---

  1. Give Sheryl Aimo, which was a song that is shared between fated lovers

  2. Alto's reasons for joining SMS had to be changed from "I joined SMS because I wanted to protect Ranka" to "I joined SMS because I wanted to protect EVERYONE"
  3. In order to subvert the "First Girl Wins TropeYou know the ASSPULL memory that won it for her--That Kawamori is fond of using, in his triangle. He managed to subvert it by giving Alto and Sheryl a past history in Galaxy (Something they did not have in  the series)--something that he said in an Interview with in Animedia." One he decided to make Sheryl and Alto meet in the past, so their first impression were extremely lasting". Because Alto saw Sheryl first, but he actually spoke to  Ranka first just like Hikaru saw Minmei first but argued with Misa before his first conversation with Minmei --
  4. Cut Ranka's moments with Alto down to nothing in the first movie. Alto only rescues Ranka once in  False Songstress Movie--because Sheryl became   The "Designated DID", so Alto was saving her ass the most, instead of saving Ranka (Unlike the series, in which Alto was in angst over protecting Ranka and it Ranka that Alto was the most passionate about rescuing in MF TV)

  5. Give AruSherri  the scenes that originally belonged to AruRan -i.e. giving Sheryl  Alto's  original rescue scene with Ranka.,
  6. OR--Make Her "Share" AruRan's Moments so they were no longer Alto and Ranka's moments -i.e The First Time Ranka sang Aimo, the moment in which Alto decided that he wanted to protect Ranka and joined SMS for her

  7. Gave her  a personality transplant and made her more moe like Ranka and even needier, and weaker than before, so she wasn't as emasculating, in the movies.  This way Alto actually looked like a man, instead of her bitch--unlike the series

  8. Made so that Alto actually thought about Sheryl, worried about her, was in angst over Sheryl,when she could pass out in front of him in MF TV and he never thought or bothered to ask why, because he was too preoccupied with Ranka. Ranka fainted once in MF, and he went straight to the hospital
  9. Made it so that Alto actually cared to learn about Sheryl in the movie, when all he did was seek information about Ranka in the series
  10. Gave Ranka, Minmei's and Sheryl's original rejection scene

  11. All while in an alternate setting because, obviously because it's the only way  SHERYL COULD WIN
  12. Because like Sheryl/AruSherri fans delight in pointing out to AruRan/Ranka Fans when telling us how much of a failed character Ranka is--. Sheryl is the most popular, She is the biggest money maker, AruSherri is much more popular and Brera and Ranka is loved by the people who spend the most money

  • Which actually proves that Ranka won the TV series --Because Sheryl with her horde of fans, didn't win and we got a triangle ending because of the refusal to accept Alto's confession of love to Klan. And while he didn't come right out and say "I love Ranka"  Sheryl confirmed in and as so many IchiRuki fans (that actually make up a LARGE chunk of the AruSherri Fanbase) Like to say when speaking about IchiRuki---"The Japanese go by what is "Unsaid" and "Actions and Looks"--and going by the changes..what was unsaid say SHERYL IS A LOSER in Frontier TV--so Kawamori had to CHANGE EVERYTHING
So as far as I am concerned it's 1-1. Ranka won the TV Series and Sheryl won the movie that's an alternate reality because she's a cash cow for the franchise.

I will admit--yeah I am butt-hurt so don't bother saying it, because I know I am...but I am also feeling a perverse pleasure that such a needy, pathetic,
and one-dimensional, character,   HAD TO BE GIVEN a great guy like Alto because people preferred her character design and failed to recognize how great Ranka's character was. So a failship that was fanon, became sorta Canon. While the Canon ship had to be made into fanon, in order for  pathetic, insecure, and needy character can  win because she's a cash cow--because she wasn't going to win otherwise

you know what is ironic--IchiRuki shippers bash Orihime because she's too dependent on Ichigo and not more independent than Rukia. Yet those same shippers will say that "Sheryl needs Alto" "Sheryl can't live without Alto so I am happy with the SNT Movie ending" (that's verbatim from a user at AnimeSuki) --how fucking nauseating is that?  Which proves that they are all hypocrites. Something I can say, because way too many Orihime/IchiHime fans told me that unlike all the other IchiRuki shippers, my bashing her character or reasons why I disliked the ship WAS NOT mindless bashing because of "DIE FOR OUR SHIP"  and I had completely justified my pov even if they disagreed with it


Thank you and good night!


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Jul. 6th, 2011 03:16 pm (UTC)
1/ Ranka isn't a great character, good maybe but you can't objectively say she's great.

2/ Noone won the tv series, and you can spin it how you want but the words of "furious" Ranka fans before the finals episodes says it all... Have some dignity and take the draw you didn't deserve.

3/ Sheryl didn't get rejected in that TV scene. I like how you spin that as a rejection when the entire set up is "I'll see my loved one before going into the climatic battle".

P.S - I've never seen the first MF Movie so please stop quoting my reverse jinx prediction for the 2nd Movie on other forums ^_^ Though I'm honored you think highly enough of me to post my opinion even though we haven't talked on a forum in years!
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
Aug. 23rd, 2011 06:36 am (UTC)
Re: lol.

Thanks for the laugh!

Jul. 21st, 2011 05:53 pm (UTC)
I have read some of your posts on AS, mangafox and on other forums and I think you should step away from shipping for awhile... Being this invested in the supposed love life of fictional characters is beyond healthy. Really, why are you so angry that your ship is not canon? Writing those asslong essays, bashing the fans of the others pairing, putting words into the creator's mouth (like he was totally pressured into favoring the Alto/Sheryl crowd but he totally would have put Alto and Ranka together otherwise, wtf?), that tantrum you threw at Bleach Board, sweet Jesus. These would put a teenager into shame and you're supposed to be a full grown adult woman. I cannot help but think that you're projecting your own shortcomings into these characters, especially when this particular pairing is concerned. Seriously, don't do this, you'll just ruin your own happy times with fandom. Shipping is no serious business, and getting this worked up over who fucks who in Imaginary Land is faaaar from normal.
Aug. 23rd, 2011 06:37 am (UTC)
So true. Tell that to LoveMeKags too. :)
Jul. 30th, 2011 02:13 am (UTC)
Someone's been taking too much shrooms in la-la-la-la-land~
Oh you silly Alto/Ranka fans, you make me giggle~ <3
Nov. 1st, 2011 10:22 pm (UTC)


I like it but I'm not insane. I pretty much saw Sheryl Alto coming a mile away. /clings to Sheryl pillow
Oct. 30th, 2011 11:01 am (UTC)
I had to stop and create an account after reading this. Like a previous user said, shipping at that degree isn't healthy. I am not going to lie I am on Sheryl+Alto side for my own reasons. One thing for sure, no way in hell Sheryl became like Ranka to win. Sheryl being weak? did you forget she has terminal illness? id like to see Ranka pull some stuff off if she was in Sheryl's shoes.
Nov. 1st, 2011 10:25 pm (UTC)
Girlfriend, shape up your sanity. The anime ended in a tie and that's all there was to it. So what is Ranka didn't end up with Alto? She and Sheryl and Alto are friends and besides, you can't just sit here and insult Sheryl. She isn't one dimensional. Neither of them are. But Ranka losing Alto will make her stronger, Sheryl gaining Alto will make BOTH of them better. Peace out girl..
Nov. 13th, 2011 03:26 pm (UTC)
Hitori Bocchi Ja Nai :)
Actually, I don't think what was written up there to be so far out of the 'truth'. Standing on a fence here, what I saw in the anime did point to Ranka. Ranka was the one Alto 'connected' to despite Sheryl still having part of the earring.

The anime was, after all, the first projection of the series after which came the manga, novels and the movie. And in all that came after, they pointed to Sheryl :) So many were added and so many were removed. E.g. Alto's mum, his reason for flying, 'first girl' etc.

Even his reason became Sheryl :) Right from the very beginning. What was shared between Ranka and Alto became Sheryl and Alto's.

So Ranka really didn't stand a chance after the anime, from what I see.

And yes, I do agree that there are so many scenes omitted from the anime, and scenes added were changed where the similar scenes were given to Alto and Sheryl instead :)

I'll just say that Kawamori-san managed another troll, as usual :D
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